New Meaning To Fitness

My Vision

Bring A New Meaning To Fitness

My vision is to bring a new meaning to fitness. My Vision is to empower women to be strong, feel confident and accept themselves for who they are. We live in a society where we are basically being told how we need to look. Being involved in the fitness industry, as well as being a part of a generation so heavily invested in social media, the single most thing that I observe is women wanting to change everything about themselves.

I want to bring a new meaning to fitness. I want to make fitness and health about more than the toned muscles, big booties, and tiny waists we associate with being “fit”, thanks to social media. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with looking this way or having goals that relate to these things, but there is something wrong with basing our whole fitness and health journey on it.

Every time we see images on social media that appeal to us, and we say things like “I wish I had her body”, or “Why can’t I have legs like that?”, we are subconsciously telling ourselves that we are worthless. Until we look like that, we will never be good enough.

The problem is that you’re never going to look like the people you’re aspiring to look like. You could eat exactly the same as they eat. Train exactly the same as they train. Have exactly the same routine as they have, and you still won’t look like them. Meaning that no matter how hard you try, you will never feel content and you will never FEEL good enough. And that is what I want to change!

Fitness is living a holistic, active, healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that focuses on every part of being healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally. Fitness means looking after the body that works so hard to keep you alive. Fitness is about nourishing your body with nutrients that allow it to thrive. Fitness should teach you to love your body and embrace the person you are. Fitness is about working to enhance your body, not working to change it.

It’s okay to have physical goals. I myself have physical goals. But the goals should be a part of the journey, not the reason for living the lifestyle. Reaching your physical goals is an accomplishment to be proud of, but what you receive in the process of reaching those goals is worth so much more.

Rather than women wanting to change themselves and being ashamed of who they are, I want to show them how to embrace who they are. I want to help them get enjoyment out of life again. I hope to accomplish this through spreading my vision and using The Holistic Burn to bring a new meaning to fitness.

– Chann

5 Things That Changed My Life


  • Exercise & Health: When I started exercising, I grew stronger. Not just physically but also mentally. This increase of strength allowed me to start pushing through the hard times I was having in my life. It allowed me to start working harder to become the person I wanted to be. Exercise and health changed my life.
  • Becoming Self Aware: Becoming self-aware meant rather than accepting every thought that came into my mind, and letting those thoughts control me, I instead learned to observe the thoughts, question them and decide whether I wanted to accept them or whether they were garbage thoughts that were just bringing me down.
  • Learning Not To Give A F**k: The major game changer for me in terms of becoming the person I am today, and doing the things I am doing today, was learning not to give a fuck what people think of me. The words I spoke. The actions I took. The decisions I made were always heavily impacted by my fear of what people would think of me. The minute I decided to change that, everything in my life began to change.
  • Creating My Vision/Purpose: Without a clear vision or purpose, I felt totally lost. I would often start projects and not finish them. Ideas I had one day, seemed totally ridiculous the next. I always knew I wanted to help people and I always knew that I myself wanted to be happy, but until I sat down and really thought about what I want my life to be about, I didn’t have the slightest clue how I could make those two things happen.
  • Realising I Am Responsible: It can be so easy to blame circumstances, other people and the world for what we believe is wrong in our lives. For a while, that is what I did. But with the help of a number of books, podcasts, and interviews, I realized that I am responsible for my life. Although I cannot control what happens to me, I can control my actions, my thoughts, and my feelings, which, as I have learned, changes everything.