This is something that 110% resonates with me. There is so much truth to this. But for some reason, we are all so blind to it. And I’m in that basket too.   It’s so hard not to scroll through someone else’s Instagram feed and compare ourselves to them.   It’s even harder to ignore the pressures placed on all of us by society to look or to eat a certain way. And with
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Pre Workout Routine
I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve mustered up enough motivation to workout and now I have to do a whole pre workout routine before I even workout?!”   Failing to plan is planning to fail.   Harsh I know, but it’s true. This pre-workout routine will take you no time at all and it will make a real difference to what you’re doing in the gym.   Having a solid routine before I start working
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Best Diet
What is the best diet for achieving your goals, maintaining the results AND feeling good?   I don’t know about you, but even I have tried my fair share of diets in an attempt to find the best diet. I’ve tried going plant-based. I’ve attempted being paleo. I unintentionally ate a super low carb for a while. I’ve counted my calories and tracked my macros. I haven’t tried everything but I’ve tried a lot.  
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Great Week
Okay holistic fam, let’s talk about Monday’s. They get such a bad wrap but if you want to start your week right, you need to change your mindset around Mondays.   You need to change the way you think about Mondays.    I’m human and some weeks are definitely 110% better than others. That being said, I feel like most of my weeks are filled with positivity and productiveness. And I have put it down
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We all struggle
“Some days I can conquer the world. Other days it takes me three hours to convince myself to shower.” We all have those days. But you know what I’ve noticed? No one really talks about them. Or about how we all struggle.   We’ve all been there.. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had those days where everything just seems SO hard. On those days I look at the people around me and people
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Weight doesn’t matter. That’s right – weight does not matter. Wanna know why? Because the number on my scale can’t even be compared with the number on your scale. You can’t compare my weight with your weight. We have different heights, different body types, different weight fluctuations, different goals. Everyone is DIFFERENT which is why comparing your weight to someone else’s is crazy. I never (part from this video) weigh myself. I measure my progress
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Stop Comparing
Like you, I know I need to stop comparing myself with other. It’s something that I’ve always struggled with.. For me, it’s not my body that I compare but my progress. My achievements. Whether it be in the gym, in my studies or even in what I am doing right here on my website. I look at where I am and compare myself with where others are at or with what others have achieved. And
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Exercise and eating well are often heavily emphasized when talking about health. But don’t forget; mindset is important when trying to reach your goals! It’s arguably the most important aspect of reaching your goals.    Mindset is important, but why? When you are stuck in a negative mindset, you’ll find that it’s so much harder to motivate yourself to put in the work towards reaching your goals. You’ll feel overwhelmed, tired and just a bit ‘off’.
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fitness motivation
The only fitness motivation you need: Think of fitness like a game.  Fitness is a game. I know that sounds a little strange for fitness motivation so let me explain; Yes it’s hard to achieve your goals. Yes it takes a longggg time to see results. But that is the point. The fact that it takes so much hard work and dedication and determination is what it’s all about!   When you’re not seeing results…
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